SharePoint Training

Next to our consulting and services regarding SharePoint 2010 we also provide training to users and power users. Simply implementing a SharePoint system in your company will not automatically make it easier for your co-workers. Everyone needs to learn how to use SharePoint. There is a learning curve and once you are past that initial phase, it becomes much easier to find your way in SharePoint and leverage the power of SharePoint to your benefit.

Standard User Training

The individuals who will be standard users in your organization will definitely have to learn how to be able to work with libraries, lists, documents, implement basic web parts, create pages, and possibly even create sites. The training will adapt to the needs of the users and what SharePoint is used for in your organization. The users will be shown certain actions and then asked to do exercises based on what they saw. Among these exercises are:

  • Learning to use the Ribbon
  • Document Management: Uploading/Downloading/Checking In/Checking Out
  • Working with Lists: Settings, new entries, amending entries, Alerts, Tasks, Views, Web Parts
  • Working with Libraries: Settings, document libraries, picture libraries, Web Parts, document sharing, Alerts, Tasks
  • Using Workflows: document workflows, surveys, reassigning tasks, workflows with Outlook
  • Personal and Public Views: adapting lists or libraries to suit individual needs or general need

Power User Training

Next to standard users there will be a smaller group of power users, sometimes known as administrators, who will have deeper knowledge of SharePoint and will also have more rights to edit and add the SharePoint site collection. This knowledge is cumulative to the standard user knowledge. Among these rights are the rights to create new sites and site collections, set permissions either on the whole site or on specific sites only. Also, they will be the only ones who have the power to delete sites.
These are some of the exercises the power users will do in the training:

  • Planning a site or site collection based on the requirements
  • Creating/deleting a site or site collection
  • Adjusting or creating navigational links
  • Setting permissions globally or specifically
  • Managing Site Features, such as Publishing or Collaboration
  • Re-designing site organization and web part placement
  • Content management and monitoring
  • Proper reporting of problems to experts or developers

Each organization has different needs and different goals. Based on what you need, we will devise a fitting training program. The preferred way of teaching is in small groups per session. This way each person can try out the exercises and develop the skills he or she has just been shown. Large group training sessions are also possible, however, these will be more informative rather than hands-on training. After an initial meeting and discussion about the needs of the organization, a training program is designed to best suit the users and an offer is made.
If you would like to know more or schedule a meeting about our training, do not hesitate to contact us.

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