Welcome to Neo Era Ventures

Neo Era Ventures is a company that has devoted time and resources in specializing in the area of SharePoint 2010 and entrepreneurial activities. Our aim is to help our clients in the best way possible to making a good start or managing their SharePoint sites properly, so as not to crumble under the typical strains of quick progress. In today's rapidly evolving economic environment, preparation, planning, and training are very important.

Simply starting a new project and doing what you have dreamt of is not so simple anymore. Being an entrepreneur involves a lot more today, in order to succeed. Things like how to write a business plan or how to do a competitive analysis are key to creating a solid foundation for your company and plan for growth.

Other important tasks include market research, writing a marketing plan, analyzing your own network to see if anyone can help your company succeed, making an impressive website and writing proper text for it, and of course generating sales. These are a few of the tasks with which we can help.

SharePoint 2010 is a new tool in increasing productivity and we do our best to help and train our clients use this product optimally. We can advise on which SharePoint package to get, how to customize it if necessary, and how to use it so all your colleagues can benefit from this powerful platform. For small businesses, Microsoft is soon releasing Office 365 - a cloud solution for those who want their Office and SharePoint packages online and accessible from anywhere. For larger businesses, we can also advise on Office 365 or a dedicated solution on your own servers.

We are based in Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, in the Netherlands. However, we do not consider this to be a hinderance to work internationally. Miro Capka is proficient in English, Dutch, German, Slovak, and Spanish. Communication will never be a problem.

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