Neo Era Ventures is a young and ambitious company.
So far we have been fortunate to work with these companies:


Spring 2011
Clients name: CBI Rotterdam
Project: Intranet implementation and content management at CBI, Rotterdam
Testimonial: "coming soon..." HV, CBI.

We were hired by LBi LostBoys to help with a client of theirs. Our tasks were the implementation and management of the newly deployed intranet. The client, CBI, required specific tweaks and adjustments to the pages and web parts within the intranet. We assisted users in creating custom collaboration sites, created a standard template for collaboration sites, reorganized pages, created custom workflows using SharePoint Designer, and optimized usage and viewability of web parts.

XComplica B.V.

Early Spring 2011
Clients name: XComplica BV Amsterdam
Project: Custom Document Approval Workflow
Testimonial: "coming soon" Joe Capka, XComplica.

The task was to design and implement a custom approval workflow for one of XComplica's clients.


Winter 2009 - Spring 2010
Clients name: A.C. Ryan BV Rotterdam
Project: Increase market share in Netherlands

A.C.Ryan is a fast growing mediaplayer company based in Rotterdam. They needed help during their reorganization phases. We provided assistance in several departments, including, sales, tech support, and showroom management and product demonstration. In general, the task was to reinforce and expand their presence on the Dutch market.


Fall 2009
Clients name: XComplica BV Amsterdam
Project: Research and advice for growth

The task was to research the severa implications of converting a one-man company to a limited liability company. Advice was given on tax strategy, growth planning and possible relocation.

Writing A Business Plan Raising Funds Market Research