Neo Era Ventures in SharePoint 2010

Neo Era Ventures has recently expanded into the world of SharePoint 2010. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a growingly popular web platform developed by Microsoft for small to large organizations. It is designed as a centralized replacement for multiple web applications, and supports various combinations of enterprise website requirements. It is typically associated with web content management and document management systems. If you want to know more about SharePoint, click here.

We are a company with SharePoint power user knowledge and skills. We have partners with whom we have worked in the past that specialize in the development and deployment of custom-code SharePoint solutions. The focus of our SharePoint consulting is on so called 'no code solutions'. One of the main tools we use in customizing your SharePoint environment is SharePoint Designer 2010. With this application we can:

  • Modify pages
  • Implement new master pages and templates
  • Create new themes
  • Create custom workflows for better document management and business process automation
  • Create and manage web parts
  • and more...

SharePoint 2010, in itself, has many built-in tools that combine into a myriad of business solutions. SharePoint provides a platform on which these solutions can be built. Out of the box solutions have a key advantage over custom software, namely that they simply work. There are no broken boundaries or framework conflicts. The solutions built with the tools in SharePoint will always work and, in most cases, are exactly what the business user needs to bring his or her work to SharePoint.

We apply a very open approach to the client's needs. Open communication and feedback are the tenets of our services. After a solution has been deployed or a modification made, we feel it is very important to educate and instruct the user how to properly use the new solution. Through proper training and instruction a user can make the best of the SharePoint environment in front of him or her. SharePoint is an immense product with many uses, so it is vital for the users and the managers to know how to properly use their new SharePoint 2010 environment. In the beginning, users may feel hesitant to use SharePoint and fill the system with content. We try to inspire and encourage use of the system. There is only so much a user can learn from books or tutorials, the rest is learned through experimentation. Like when you learned to use Word or PowerPoint.

Our Latest SharePoint 2010 Projects


Spring 2011
Clients name: CBI Rotterdam
Project: Intranet implementation and content management at CBI, Rotterdam
Testimonial: "coming soon..." HV, CBI.

We were hired by LBi LostBoys to help with a client of theirs. Our tasks were the implementation and management of the newly deployed intranet. The client, CBI, required specific tweaks and adjustments to the pages and web parts within the intranet. We assisted users in creating custom collaboration sites, created a standard template for collaboration sites, reorganized pages, created custom workflows using SharePoint Designer, and optimized usage and viewability of web parts.

XComplica B.V.

Early Spring 2011
Clients name: XComplica BV Amsterdam
Project: Custom Document Approval Workflow
Testimonial: "coming soon" Joe Capka, XComplica.

The task was to design and implement a custom approval workflow for one of XComplica's clients.

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